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Paintings for Baby’s Room

21 Sep

I recently made these small paintings for my new baby niece’s room. The letters spell out her name (I was too chicken to paint the letters on myself): M=Monkey, A=Alligator, Y=Yak, A=Alpaca. It had been a while since I picked up a paint brush, and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. It’s nice to step away from the computer once and a while and actually create art with my hands.

Business Card for a Friend

18 Aug

I recently did this business card design on the fly for my writer friend, Lacy. She used these buzz words to get me started: “Clean, sophisticated, educated, but not stodgy or uptight.” While I spent a couple of hours playing with different designs, this was the first and took about 15 minutes. The design gods aren’t always so cooperative, but it’s nice when they are.